TankoTop is a conceptual manga subscription company.
The goal of this project was to create a cohesive identity that accurately represents the playful and anime aesthetic of the brand while maintaining an air of modernity. The development of this brand included research and moodboarding, brand naming, logo design exploration, and brand collateral.
The company name “TankōTop” is a combination of the words “Tankōbon”, referring to independent volumes of a manga series, and "Top", alluding to the company being at the very top of this particular industry.
I developed the deliverables - business cards, packaging, promo pieces, etc., to create a striking, lasting impression with the sharp contrasting color blue, yellow, orange, often utilized on the covers of various manga magazines.
( Flat Design )
Packaging; Delivery box intended for shipping the manga.

An animated gif ad intended to be displayed as an Instagram post.

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