NYCT New Visions Social Media Content
Social media content made for New Visions, New York Classical Theatre's inaugural playwright competition. The goal of this project was to design eight pieces of visually pleasing social media content akin to that of a digital poster. The eight pieces of content would then be posted across New York Classical Theatre's social media channels along with corresponding text as a means of announcing the shortlist for the New Visions competition. Development of the content included mood-boarding, typographic exploration, layout exploration, logo design, color palette formulation, and image editing.
The general art direction for the New Visions social media content entails a symmetrical composition with hierarchy driven by the scale and placement of type from the top to the bottom of the design. The application of a vibrant color palette offset by black and white imagery works to provide a modicum of playfulness as well as a strong visual contrast. The choice for the black and white imagery came from the need to maintain cohesion amongst the submitted playwright photographs.
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