Care/of Social Media Advertisement
Care/of is an American healthcare technology company specializing in premium vitamins and supplements. Care/of's aim is to simplify the consumer's process of receiving their daily nutritional needs by formulating personalized vitamin packs and supplements based on information provided by the consumer via an online quiz. In addition, the vitamin packs and supplements are made more affordable than traditional means of purchase through Care/of's subscription based business model.
The overall goal of this project was to bring more attention to Care/of as well as the company's partnership with GOOD+ through a Mother's Day/Women's Health Month themed animated gif. The animated gif would be displayed via Care/of's social media channels (specifically Instagram) as well as the company's email newsletter, accompanied by additional text further expanding upon the mission of GOOD+.
The development of this project included, brand research & exploration, storyboarding, vector art design, and basic frame-by-frame animation.
( This is a student project completed as a part of my Communication Design coursework. )
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